ErasmusChef: Cooking at dorms

Is Erasmus in Prague your first experience away from mom's great homemade meals? This is the first of four videos to give you some tips on surviving in Prague by yourself.

Erasmus law student Jo stays in dorm Na Větrníku. How does he like cooking there?

"The kitchen is one of the social things at dorms, its the place where you hang out." Even though the equipment is not perfect and students must buy most of the tools, Jo seems to enjoy the fact that he shares the kitchen with other people. Especially he appreciate meeting new people."Its really easy to start conversation like: What are you cooking?"

Jo's curry chicken:

What do you need? (for 2 persons)

- Chickenfilet
- Bell pepper (2)
- Mushrooms (500gr)
- Onion (1)
- Rice
- Curry powder
- Pepper & salt
- Paprika powder
- Oil
- Half an Apple
- Cream/milk

1) Start to cook the rice (you can put some salt in the water, or even chickenstock)

2) Put some oil in a frypan, together with a bit of curry powder and paprika powder

3) Put some pepper & salt on the chicken filets, together with (a tiny bit, depends how spicy you want it) some curry powder and paprika powder and pan-fry the chicken

4) Cut the onion and half an apple in fine pieces

5) Add the onion and apple in the pan with chicken, when the chicken is half-done, don’t forget to stir

6) Cut the Bell peppers and mushrooms, and add them when the onion and apple are stewed (not


7) When your chicken and vegetables are almost done, make some space in the middle of your pan, put the heat up, and add a lot of curry powder (or paste) and paprika powder, and put milk/cream on the spices, so they won’t stick to your pan.

8) Let the milk/cream thicken by boiling.

9) Add pepper, salt and curry until spicy enough.

10) Half a minute before the rice is done, you can take it out of the water and put it into the pan, the rice will absorb the sauce.

11) Bon appetite!